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Things I make and things I take pictures of

24/7 fuckfest

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Alexander da Grate
15 March 1986
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I hail from the explosive jetsam of a multitude of high-mass stars that died more than five billion years ago.
80s hair, a perfect circle, achewood, adventures, ambience, ambient music, anathema, andrew lloyd webber, anything about music, astronomy, autumn, bach, bad guitar players, banjos, baroque, baroque music, bass, bass guitar, batman, black sabbath, blues, cactuar, children of bodom, chinese food, chopin, colonel sanders, cosmology, cowboy bebop, dead kennedys, doom metal, dream theater, drums, dungeons & dragons, emerson lake and palmer, family guy, ferrets, final fantasy, firearms, firefly, futurama, guitar, guitar rock, guitarists, guitars, guns, halloween, humor, ibanez, improv, incubus, instruments, jazz, jesus christ superstar, joe satriani, john petrucci, jon stewart, katamari damacy, keyboard, kittens, lead guitar, making midis, manowar, megadeth, metal, metal gear solid, metaphysics, midi, midi music, monty python, motorcycles, motorhead, muse, music, music theory, neoclassical, neuropathy, octopi, old school nickelodeon, om nom nom nom, organ, paganini, paul gilbert, pbf, people, peripheral neuropathy, perry bible fellowship, phantom of the opera, physics, piano, pipe organ, pirates, pizza, playing music, porcupine tree, power metal, pr00nz, prog metal, prog rock, progressive metal, psychedelic rock, psychology, queen, rain, red hot chili peppers, rhcp, rock music, rpgs, self defense, serenity, shadows, shooting, sitars, skeet, slayer, sleep, solos, sonata arctica, space, spinal tap, steve vai, stringed instruments, sunn 0))), superstring theory, symphony x, synthesizers, synths, taco bell, target shooting, tekken, the clash, the fucking champs, the moon, the old west, threebrain, thunderstorms, tool, trap, verbing nouns, vox, wah pedals, water, weird al yankovic, world of warcraft, yngwie malmsteen, young frankenstein, zombie squad, zombies,

Social capital

  • less than 10